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Vision  Statement from the FIC Advisory Board

The FIC Advisory Board brings together 10 European experts with various roles such as CIO, CISO or top management in various fields of cybersecurity, from policy to governance and innovation. Together they provide guidance to the FIC,  with a focus on its European and international dimensions. 
Every year, their vision statement is an introduction to the theme of the conference.
In their own words: “Technology is so interwoven into society that it can be difficult to separate the good from the bad. But whilst we may sometimes feel that technology has taken control of our lives, ultimately humans are still in charge. After all, artificial intelligence, algorithms, robotics and privacy and security-by-design are – for the time being – human inventions.  Humans are still at the core of our digital world: as citizens, consumers, developers, victims or criminals. We are the architects of it all.”

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