e.Consumer Protection Forum : Fighting illicit trade and protecting the digital economy

In partnership with the Association de Lutte contre le Commerce Illicite (ALCCI), this event will take place on Tuesday 7 September 2021, in parallel with the exhibition, and will bring together all the stakeholders, authorities, public services, companies and creators of solutions concerned by the security of electronic commerce and the fight against illicit e.commerce, whether it concerns tangible or intangible goods.

To initiate a virtuous dynamic, the event has 4 ambitions:
  • To contribute to a shared awareness leading the public authorities to measure the seriousness and specificity of the situation in order to adapt the legal means;
  • Strengthen the mobilisation of law enforcement services through better coordination, a revitalised public/private partnership and the implementation of resources adapted to the development of e-commerce;
  • Mobilise business victims to detect and counter illicit sales. This commitment must also be made by the operators of electronic marketplaces who, without their knowledge, may harbour illicit sellers;
  • Improve awareness and contribute to the development of technological solutions to improve the detection and blocking of illicit sales on the one hand and the direct authentication of products by the consumer on the other.

For more information on this side event, please contact Roxanne FERREIRA (roxanne.ferreira@avisa-partners.com).

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