Cybersecurity For Industry

Cybersecurity meetings of the industrial world
Cybersecurity For Industry, is the FIC side event dedicated to cybersecurity issues in the industrial world.

Unique in Europe, it is a crossroads for exchanges and discovery of cybersecurity solutions for industry, as well as secure industrial solutions.

Cybersecurity For Industry is dedicated to the specific problems and constraints of an increasingly connected industry, which must ensure its operational safety, production quality and high availability in a world that is increasingly permeable to cyber threats.
Cybersecurity For IndustryDay on Tuesday, 7 September 2021, from 10:00 am to 6:00 pm
Plenary session, round tables, keynotes, technical demonstrations

on 8 and 9 September, during the FIC
Continuous discovery of solutions and services
The objectives
  • Exchange - A meeting place for managers, cybersecurity experts and industry players
  • To discover - To publicise existing and innovative solutions that respond to the specific challenges of the industry
  • Innovate - Supporting the spread of the "cyber security culture" in industry and promoting the emergence of efficient solutions and services
In the face of a growing threat, a major challenge for the protection of our industrial apparatus

With IT/OT convergence, the evolution towards Industry 4.0 and connected industrial objects, computer attacks impacting industrial sites and systems will continue to evolve in intensity and number over the next few years, whether targeted or incidental.

Consequently, the worst fears may turn out to be real: destruction of a factory or machine, hijacking of a ship, blocking or alteration of a production line, creation of defects in manufactured products...

With the technological convergence of the two IT/OT domains and the increase in the Internet exhibition space of Industry 4.0, the threats developed to target IT are now impacting a generally less mature industrial world on the subject.

Targeted attacks are amplified and facilitated by the obsolescence of certain systems, designed at a time when the very notion of cybersecurity did not exist. It is then difficult, if not impossible, to apply the necessary corrective measures.

Even more worryingly, the attackers' physiognomy is expanding very rapidly, moving from state groups only to cybercriminal groups, which now have "industrialised" ransom software aimed at blocking production in order to obtain maximum ransom.

From then on, we have to face up to it.

The industrial world has an undeniable asset: a strong culture of operational safety. This culture must be extended to digital security so that we have, in our factories, the fundamental means to protect our industrial systems. It also requires men and women capable of applying the rules of computer hygiene adapted to the increasing complexity of a potential attacker's work.

Cybersecurity For Industry, a meeting and exchange forum dedicated to cybersecurity in the industrial world, aims to raise the awareness of managers on the subject, an essential prerequisite for action by experts. In addition to the FIC with its hundreds of exhibitors, they will find all the solutions necessary to these issues, which are essential to the recovery of our economy.

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