The FIC Startup Award aims to encourage innovation and entrepreneurship in the cybersecurity sector. The jury consists of end-users, investment funds, representatives of ANSSI and the Ministries of Interiors and of the Armed Forces. One or more innovatives companies are rewarded each year.

2021 Startup contest Winners!

After the auditions in January 2021, the Jury decided to reward three startups this year: Gitguardian, FIC Startup Award - Hackuity, Jury Prize and Ubble, Jury's Favourite. The official award ceremony will take place during the FIC on Wednesday 8 September (subject to confirmation).

The 11 finalists for the Startup Award have been selected!

2021 Jury composition

  • Zeina Zakhour, Global CTO Digital Security, ATOS (Head of Jury)
  • Jean Michel André, DSI, Groupe Seb
  • Bertrand Blond, Responsable Innovation et Capacitaire, COMCYBER
  • Bernard Cardebat, Head of Cybersecurity, ENEDIS
  • Alain Bouillé, President of CESIN
  • Thierry Demangeot, RSSI, CNES
  • Xavier Guimard, Gendarmerie nationale
  • Joseph Graceffa, President of CLUSIR Nord de France
  • Olivier Guérin, ANSSI
  • Jacques Sebag, Venture partner & Business angel, On2spot Général
  • André Sellini, Région de gendarmerie Hauts-de-France
  • Frédéric Valette, RSSI, Direction générale de l’armement, Ministère de la Défense
  • François Lavaste, Partner du fonds Brienne III, Ace Management
  • William Lecat, Head of Programme, Secrétariat Général pour l'Investissement
  • Jérôme Jouanno, General Delegate, ACSEL
  • Jean-Dominique NOLLET, Group CISO, TOTAL
  • Sébastien MONTUSCLAT, Head of Innovation, BPI
  • Frederick Meyer,  Chief Information Security Officer DSI Corporate, Auchan
  • Olivier Allemand, Directeur stratégie et support, EDF
  • Benjamin Maréchal, Responsable du Département anti-fraudes

Discover the winners of the FIC 2020 Startup Award

After the auditions in November and December 2019, the Jury decided to reward three startups this year: Olvid, FIC Startup Prize - Citalid, Jury Prize and Tarides, Jury's Coup de Coeur. The official award ceremony will take place during the FIC on Wednesday 29 January (subject to confirmation).


Created in June 2019 by four co-founders: Thomas Baignères, CEO, Matthieu Finiasz, CTO, Jacques-André Bondy, VP Product & Marketing and Cédric Sylvestre, VP Business Development, Olvid offers a totally secure instant messenger thanks to cryptography.

In total technological break with other solutions on the market (WhatsApp, Telegram, Signal...) requiring the user to trust external servers that he does not control, Olvid's security is based on cryptography, to guarantee the integrity, confidentiality and anonymity of communications - thus ensuring the respect of personal data and combating data leakage. Very easy to use, the Olvid application is free for the general public, while businesses have to pay for the service, with the possibility of integration into their Active Directory.

Thomas Baignères, CEO Olvid: "This is the most important prize we could get for a solution like ours and we are very honored to be rewarded by this Jury in particular. We are also delighted by the questions that were put to us during the hearings and the sharing of certain values, particularly related to the protection of personal data".


French startup created two years ago by Maxime Cartan, President and Alexandre Dieulangard, General Manager, both ex-agents of ANSSI's operational center, Citalid publishes a software allowing companies to measure their financial exposure to cyber risk and to optimize their investments in cybersecurity.

The only European player to automatically correlate Cyber ​​Threat Intelligence, geopolitical data and financial elements to guide decision-makers in their e-investment decisions, Citalid has just launched a first round of funding amounting to 1.2 million euros. The startup aims to grow in Europe and extend its offer to the cyber insurance market. In France, the most important players in the transport, telecommunications, energy, finance and luxury sectors already trust Citalid.

Maxime Cartan, Founder and CEO: "This FIC Jury Award is a real recognition for Citalid on the French and international scene, which is timely with our development ambitions. We are all the more delighted that the prize is the result of a decision by a quality jury with complementary profiles, just like the Citalid team".


Created in early 2018, Tarides offers software solutions for the development of applications and services secured by design, by automating the elimination of software bugs. To this end, Tarides is developing MirageOS, an open-source platform that makes it possible to create "unikernels", extremely specialized applications, which have a minimal surface area.
The startup currently has 20 engineers and has references in the most sensitive sectors, such as banking or cryptocurrencies, for which data leakage via a security bug can be very expensive. The next objective of Tarides by the end of 2020 is to develop OSMOSE, a new platform for the development of decentralized and secure applications for connected objects.
Thomas Gazagnaire, President of Tarides: "We are very happy to have won the "Coup de Coeur" Prize, which will bring great visibility to our technological innovations. It is also an opportunity for us to meet experts in the cybersecurity sector and to consider additional use cases".

OLVID : Winner of the FIC 2020 Startup Award


CITALID : Jury Award - startup FIC 2020


Tarides : "Coup de cœur" of the Jury - startup FIC 2020


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