Max Schrems will speak at the FIC 2021!

Friday 18 December 2020

Max Schrems privacy activist, who became famous for his legal campaign against Facebook and for the collapse of the Safe Harbour and Privacy Shield.

In 2009, Max Schrems filed a lawsuit against an Austrian video surveillance company for installing cameras filming public spaces, a practice that is illegal in Austria. He won his case and the boss of the target company was convicted.

4 In 2011, while still a student, he asked Facebook for a copy of all the data the company held on him. In accordance with European law, the social network finally complied and sent him a CD-Rom containing more than 1,200 pages, referencing his publications, his private messages or his friend requests: three years of activity on the site1. He then realizes that the information he had deleted from his account is still stored on Facebook.

In October 2015, Max Schrems obtained the invalidation by the Court of Justice of the European Union of the Safe Harbor agreement, which governed the transfer of European Internet users' data to the United States and its use by many American companies, including Web giants6.

On December 2, 2015, Max Schrems filed a complaint with the Irish (DPC), German (BFDI) and Belgian (CPVP) Data Protection Authorities, asking them to prohibit Facebook from transferring data from its European users to the United States.

In his complaints, Max Schrems offers Facebook alternative solutions such as "moving the data to Europe, encrypting data stored in the US or reviewing the company's structure.

On July 16, the European Court of Justice once again ruled in favor of Max Schrems by invalidating the Privacy Shield, which allowed the use of certified providers in the United States for the processing of personal data.   


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